Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've lost weight before.....a couple of times anyway. I actually lost 70 lbs in 2004 and have kept it off with the exception of 10 lbs.

This time I want it to be different. I want to see the weight loss to the end. To do that, I truly believe I have to understand why.

Why did this happen to me? Why did I allow this to become a way of life? What is in my family of origin that has created such physical dysfunction in my life?

The last few weeks I've been reaching deep and twisting myself into a pretzel as I ponder the stuff that needs to be fixed.

In the meantime, I concentrate on getting enough water....I'm up to 80 oz a day. I also concentrate on moving more.....taking every opportunity I can find and making it a priority to exercise.

Have I lost anything? Not a clue, my bathroom flooded and my scale stopped working. I'll get another one, but for right now, it's not about the losing as much as it's about healing the little girl who grew to be this fat woman.


Michelle Faith said...

Well good luck with that...I'm been fighting it aswell...aswell as a ton of other women right.
I'm Fat cause I always said I was fat..even when I was not fat and a size 8-10 I still said I was fat...so here I am now FAT...my ass does not lie, but I've been lieing to myself for years and not its the truth...lol go figure. I also find when I take some weight off and I start getting looks from men again...being married and having kids ...it freaks me out I'll become my "Old self" and do something I'll "BAD" so then I start putting the lbs back on...I don't trust myself.
Well I fould some other bloggers that are fighting the fat and blogging about it on Fridays..which I forgot to do. But there is a link on my site if you want to follow along on "Fat Fridays"

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

Hi, I just wanted to send some encouragement your way. Found your blog from your comment on The Redhead Riter (which was HILARIOUS). My BFF is healing & loosing too (with 5 kiddos), you have to remember to put your needs and health at the top of your list. Even with a home, work, kids and day-to-day life you have to remember to put your needs and health on top =)

Anonymous said...

Great reads..love your posts! life with humor,the only way to go!

Sherrlyn Photojournalist said...

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