Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 2 - 11/17/09

Exercise Done Today:
Walked 45 minutes, 2.5 miles, burned 437 calories

Calorie Count Today:
384 calories over, OVER. I took my daughter out to breakfast before her M.D. appointment. When I was done, I calculated my calories. Hello? I ate a whole day’s worth in one meal. What a wake up call.

Fat Grams Today (32-56 g):
A whopping 73 grams. Less than yesterday, still too much. I need to learn more about this stuff.

Water Intake Today:
8 glasses by bedtime, I completely forgot to start drinking until I was making dinner.

This is such a learning thing. My daughter said that as long as I keep going forward, the weight is going to come off. She said that I need to give myself a learning curve. I like her thoughts.

It bothers me that I exercised enough to burn up so many calories, but I ate enough to gain more than a pound. I need to plan more.


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